Anna Molly progress

After the first week of learning Anna Molly by Incubus, I performed the rough version of the track in lesson. The video is shown below. Watching the video back, I noticed that my sixteenth notes on the hi-hat come out of time fairly often, and I have to keep trying to back into the rhythm. The track is very quick and requires even strokes between both hands and my left hand is not keeping up with my right hand. Because of this I have began practicing some patterns leading with my left hand in order to increase the control I have over my left hand. I am also trying to use the technique of playing two notes from the wrist with one stroke down of the arm. This will allow my left hand to play at much higher speeds like my write hand as it means less effort is put into each beat, and so my playing will be a lot more relaxed. Since practicing this after I made this video, I have finished learning the bridge of this song, which I struggled with before hand. My sixteenth notes are also becoming a lot more even, not quite in time with the song yet, but I am doing a lot less keeping up and should be up to speed before my recital. Some of the fills which involve combining two sixteenth notes played with hands followed by two sixteenth notes played with the bass drum are very difficult when playing at the speed of the track. I have slowed these down, to make sure I get the spacing right, and don’t overlap my hands and feet, once they are perfected I will slowly bring them up to speed.


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