That golden rule progress

I performed That golden rule by Biffy Clyro in lesson. The videos can be seen below. After filming the first video I realised how important correct monitoring is for a drummer. During the first attempt I could not hear the track very well as it was playing through the PA monitors in the room. The song is fairly heavy and needs to be played with a lot of energy and volume, this meant I couldn’t hear the song over my playing. For the next attempt you can see in the second video, I used headphones directly from the PA for monitoring. The improvement was drastic, allowing me to show my true progress with the track. I have been practicing with my in ear monitors, and so will need to find a way to monitor my live recital with those, so I can hear the perfect mix of all the other players or backing track. As for progress on the song, similarly to Anna Molly, I had not yet finished learning the bridge of the song, as it is fairly complicated. The way the track has been created, it seems as though there are several different time signatures going on, due to the rhythms carrying across multiple bars unevenly, even if they do work out eventually. I have since learnt this part of the song, understanding how the patterns work within the song. I am having some trouble getting used to using my left hand for certain accents, this allows the rhythm to continue playing with the right hand so there is no empty space, but they are coming along well. I am also noticing that they are helping with my left hand control, which i have previously noted as an aspect of my playing that requires work, and the skills learnt from this track will be a great addition to my overall playing ability. I also noticed in the second video that I am always dragging slightly behind the track, which for this song isn’t accurate. It needs lots of energy in order to stay on top, and to push the beat constantly without rushing.


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