Bass drum technique research

Whilst practicing some of my pieces, specifically Anna molly, My hero and I miss the misery, I was struggling to place the bass drum up to speed, without it getting too sloppy, or just losing the timing with my foot. For Anna molly it more to do with working out a particular fill which occurs a few times, combining 2 single hand beats and a double bass drum beat. I will focus on that later, for now I am looking at the other two, which my problem was just playing the amount of bass drum beats there are in a row, without losing timing or being sloppy.

To improve this I have first noticed that I lack much proper technique, simply playing heel up. This works fine most of the time, but when your playing at high frequencies, my leg would get tired very quickly and then lose control. There are two main techniques for helping with this, so that your using less effort and have more control. These are the Heel-toe technique and the Slide technique. I have found videos explaining these very well from which is a website run by the people from Drumeo, an award winning drum tutoring website. (see below).

I will be working on developing these techniques so that I will be able to control my bass drum playing and work towards playing those songs up to tempo.


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