Anna molly – techniques for improvement

While practising the song Anna Molly by Incubus I noticed two parts in which i definitely needed improvement. These were; playing evenly with my hands at the high tempo of the sixteenth notes during the intro, chorus and bridge build up, and a particular fill which occurs frequently, consisting of sixteenth notes split between the snare or one of the toms for the first two beats and then the bass drum for the last two beats, going around the kit to complete the bar of 4:4.

I have already begun working on the Heel-toe technique for playing bass drum, so that i could play the bass drum beats up to tempo and in time, but the fill was still very fast to fit into the song. I found another Drumeo video that could help me develop this. This video uses a very similar drum fill, but played with another simple bar so that the fill was the focus. This video is used to develop the Heel-toe method of drumming, so i could see I needed to develop this technique in order to play this part of the song.


The next skill to work on was developing my left hand speed, in order to keep up with the high tempo sixteenth notes  within the song, as it would always end up being very sloppy when my left hand stiffened and struggled to keep up.

I found only a few examples of weak hand improvement techniques online, many contradicting each other. After doing some research using some of the examples at the bottom I created my own short workout to practice everyday, in order to improve my weak hand control.

Left hand drum workout.png

After practicing this for a while I should notice a development in the control I have over my left hand, and should be able to play solidly at the higher tempo of the song.

I have also included a shuffle rhythm using the left hand, as this will help with another song, Electric worry by Clutch. The chorus of this song requires a shuffle like pattern to be played with the left hand on the snare. Practicing this on its own will help me later when I am practicing the whole rhythm for that song.


Research I used:


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