Bass drum speed and control developmeant

After researching and practicing the different bass drum techniques, I decided that the Heel-toe method would be much more beneficial to me. This is because the slide technique focuses on getting 2 notes in quick succession, and the position your foot is left in, makes it hard to keep playing notes evenly and consistently. The Heel-toe technique can be adjusted for multiple beats to be played continuously. I needed this for songs in my setlist such as My hero, where as you can see in the images below, the bass drum can continue for up to seven times in a row, making it difficult and very energy consuming to play without developing this technique.

To develop this skill further and develop the speed of my playing so that it up to tempo, I have found some more drum lessons from the people at Drumeo. This contains several exercises that will help to develop bass pedal playing speed. The last pattern in the video also happens to be very similar to the rhythm for My hero in the chorus, playing two tom or snare notes, and then two notes on the bass drum. In My hero the hand notes are played with both hands at the same time, but as I am working on my bass pedal playing it is still very relevant. Jarek Falk, the tutor for this video and co-found of Drumeo, is also using the Heel-toe method to play this rhythm.

This training also applies to and can be used for I miss the misery as well, as it also uses multiple bass drums in a row, although only up to three in quick succession.


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