Complete setlist

Below is my full list of 8 songs for my solo recital. They have been arranged into a suggested order, although this order could possibly change closer to the time.


  1. R u mine by Artic Monkeys
  2. Anna molly by Incubus
  3. That golden rule by Biffy clyro
  4. I miss the misery by Halestorm
  5. My hero by Foo fighters
  6. The imperial march by John williams
  7. Electric worry by Clutch
  8. Welcome to the black parade by My chemical romance

I chose this order because the first couple of songs are going to ease me into the setlist. Even with there difficulties, they are not the most difficult part of my set, and pulling them off will bring me more confidence, which will relax me when playing the more difficult songs. The third song is my first show stopper, once i’m relaxed and ready, I can pull out the big guns to impress the audience.This song seems like it has lots of time signature changes, which will impress the audience, but it actually only has two simple ones. This doesn’t make it easy for me, as the rhythms played within 4:4 and 2:4 travel across the bars in order to give the feel of more difficult time signatures. The fourth and fifth songs are moderately difficult, mostly showing off bass drum work, which will give me a break from the first show stopper to be ready for the next one. My sixth song is my second show stopper. This is a song which I have a lot of free reign over, so i can show off my creativity. It is also very big and imposing, which will hopefully make the audience react well. My seventh song is more about groove, and fitting in with a band. It has particular difficulties, but is very fun and has a big drum fill in it, to show off what i know best. The final song is almost another show stopper. It’s big, It’s iconic and It’s very finalising. It’s not quite as difficult as my other big songs, but I knew i wanted to leave the audience with a bang. My setlist is all about being big and showing off myself performing and entertaining an audience, therefore I needed to end big, or the setlist would have been a build up to a let down.


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